CEC 2016

Project SUCCESS presented at the CEC 2016 Special Education Convention & Expo in St. Louis on Friday, April 15th at 9:15am. Our Project SUCCESS Panel shared the presentation, 'Indiana's Alternate Assessment Evolution & Embedded Professional Development', which included perspectives from Project SUCCESS staff, Indiana Department of Education staff, special educators, and directors. 

Our wonderful Project SUCCESS panel included:

Amy Roberts-Avon Community School Corporation

Mary Schweizer and Shari Case- Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation

Ruth Tobias-Covered Bridge Special Education District

Sarah Wareham- Wayne Township


Project SUCCESS Team Photo


Checkout the presentation power point: Project SUCCESS at CEC


Presentation videos are coming soon! 






Short Shares: Office of Special Education

Indiana Department of Education: Office of Special Education Website

Equity and Access equals outcome


In November 2015 the US Office of Special Education Programs published a Dear Colleague Letter that clarified the definition of a Free Appropriate Public Education for students who are eligible for special education services. Then in December 2015, the Every Student Succeeds Act was passed by Congress. The Act reauthorizes programs in the Elementary and Secondary Education Act and requires the submission of a state plan that assures challenging academic content standards are adopted that apply to ALL public schools and ALL public school students.


The Office of Special Education has an overall goal of improving outcomes for all students, including those with disabilities which can be accomplished through a system that ensures equity and access. This system of equity and access must be accompanied by a shared responsibility for holding students to high expectations with shared accountability for the outcomes produced. Sharing the responsibility and accountability for improving outcomes requires collaboration among educators and parents which results in high quality instruction that meets the diverse needs of all learners. The instruction, driven by ongoing, unbiased and meaningful assessment is delivered within a quality core curriculum based on grade level academic standards.


As the arrows indicate, this is a circular framework that implies no one place to begin or end and with all components relying on each other. These elements: Ongoing Collaboration, Quality Instruction, Appropriate Assessment and a Curriculum based on grade level content standards, enhanced by a multi-tiered system of support and Universal design principles, will provide the framework that allows every student to succeed.


Conceptual Framework: Office of Special Ed: Short Shares #1

Equity and Access: Office of Special Ed: Short Shares #2

Equity and Access Continued: Office of Special Ed: Short Shares #3

Universal Design for Learning: Office of Special Ed: Short Shares #4

Multi-Tiered Systems of Support: Office of Special Ed: Short Shares #5

Curriculum Introduction: Office of Special Ed: Short Share # 6

Curriculum and Content Connectors: Office of Special Ed: Short Share #7

Collaboration: Office of Special Ed: Short Share # 8

Instruction: Office of Special Ed: Short Share #9

Assessment: Office of Special Ed: Short Share #10

End of Year Review: Office of Special Ed: Short Share # 11



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