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2019 Model Site Summit

1st Annual Model Site Summit - Wednesday, March 13

During the Model Site Summit, site teams presented the exciting results of their work to enhance learning opportunities for students with significant disabilities. Our classroom teachers committed to one-on-one coaching, curriculum planning, and professional development as part of the year's activities. In addition, a panel of model site teachers and administrators answered questions about their experiences and how being a model site has impacted their students.

In case you weren't able to attend, here are some of the resources from the Model Site Summit:

Summit Sign-In

Model Site Summit Presentation

Textbook & Curriculum Resource Sheet 


Don't forget to request 2019-20 professional development dates here. Administrators & Special Education Directors/Coordinators please complete the survey by March 20.

NEW Paraprofessional Course series is available FREE to all Indiana districts. Paraprofessionals, Instructional Assistants, & Classroom Aides can sign up here to request access.




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