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2019 Model Site Summit

Plan to join Project SUCCESS on Wednesday, March 13 (9am - 12pm) for the 1st Annual Model Site Summit!

During the Model Site Summit, site teams will present the exciting results of their work to enhance learning opportunities for students with significant disabilities. The classroom teachers have committed to one-on-one coaching, curriculum planning, and professional development as part of the year's activities. In addition, we will have a panel discussion where you will have a chance to ask model site teachers and administrators questions about their experiences and how being a model site has impacted their students.

Who should attend the Model Site Summit?

  • Teachers working with students who have significant cognitive disabilities
  • School administrators
  • District-level administrators 
  • Special education directors/coordinators
  • SLP, OT, and other related service providers

Download the Model Site Summit flyer to share with colleagues.

How do I register for the Model Site Summit?

Register here.

How can my classroom/school become a Model Site?

Project SUCCESS will be adding three model sites for the 2019-20 school year. Apply to be a Model Site here.




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